Giving Tuesday Now

Giving Tuesday Now

Together We Help. Together We Heal. Together We Stand.


Saving Sight has joined #GivingTuesdayNow, a global day of giving that harnesses the collective power of individuals, communities and organizations to encourage philanthropy and to celebrate generosity worldwide.

#GivingTuesdayNow is a new global day of giving and unity that will take place on May 5, 2020 – in addition to the regularly scheduled December 1, 2020 #GivingTuesday – as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. Saving Sight is joining our nonprofit partners in coming together to created a wave of generosity, citizen engagement, action, and support for our communities and nonprofits around the world. 

Help us change lives by saving sight with a gift on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 and share your giving story on social media with #GivingTuesdayNow.


Give a Gift to Save Sight

Join Us in Supporting Our Heroes!

As part of its mission to change lives by Saving Sight, we work closely with hospitals and healthcare workers to make eye donation a reality for those in need of restored sight. Today, our clinical and hospital partners need our support more than ever as they answer the call to provide care to our communities impacted by COVID-19.

Please consider joining Saving Sight in supporting healthcare workers near and far by purchasing a t-shirt from our campaign. A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will go to Saving Sight to fund our work in educating hospitals about donation and supporting their donor programs.


Available in more color and style options on

Available in more color and style options on

Our Response to COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to be top of mind for many in the U.S. and worldwide, we’d like to share the measures that Saving Sight is taking to ensure the health and well-being of our patients, families, partners, and staff.

Even in these uncertain times, our commitment to the mission of changing lives by saving sight is first and foremost. Saving Sight will continue to serve others by connecting them to the gifts of donation and transplantation. We are taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and patients who will receive the gift of sight from donors. This includes screening all donors for potential and diagnosed COVID-19 cases.

While our clinical operations continue, Saving Sight and its partners have canceled or postponed all community events, including those associated with National Donate Life Month in April. Although difficult, this decision was made to limit the exposure of our donor families, recipients, our team, and the community-at-large to the risk of coronavirus.

Finally, we’ve taken additional measures to protect our Saving Sight team, including suspending non-essential travel and arranging for our staff to work from home, wherever possible. The safety of our team is a top priority, and we will continue to evaluate our response and make decisions in the best interest of all as the situation evolves.

Event Updates

Candlelight Memorial Ceremony, Springfield, MO – March 28, 2020
This event has been postponed, please stay tuned for more information at a later date.

Board of Directors Meeting – March 28, 2020
Meeting will occur via conference call instead of in-person. Please contact our team at 800-753-2265 if you will be in attendance and need dial-in information.

Mosaic Celebration of Life – April 1, 2020
This event has been postponed, please stay tuned for more information at a later date.

University Hospital Celebration of Heroes – April 1, 2020
This event has been canceled.

Celebration of Life and Rose Dedication Ceremony, Freeman Hospital West – April 14, 2020
This event has been postponed, please stay tuned for more information at a later date.

Missouri Donor Day at the Capitol – April 14, 2020
This event has been canceled.

National Blue and Green Day – April 17, 2020
This virtual event is still on! Please visit Donate Life America’s web site for additional information on participating.

KU Rose Ceremony – April 18, 2020
This event has been canceled.

ARVO Annual Meeting – May 1-7, 2020
This event has been canceled.

ASCRS Annual Meeting – May 15-20, 2020
This event has been canceled.

Saving Sight Impact Report

Saving Sight Impact Report

Our Impact in 2019

Thanks to the many partners who help us facilitate the gift of eye donation, and to the thousands of individuals who said “yes” to giving that gift, we were able to impact the lives of more than 7 individuals a day last year.

Together, We Change Lives

2019 was a record-breaking year, in which Saving Sight provided the gift of sight to even more individuals through the help of our many partners in donation. We’re proud to share our successes with you and humbled to say thank you for your support. We hope that you enjoy hearing the stories of those we’ve served this past year, and that you’ll take the opportunity to share their stories with others, as well. 

Give a Gift to Save Sight

Support Saving Sight through Online Shopping

Support Saving Sight through Online Shopping

Thanks to AmazonSmile, you can support Saving Sight’s mission to change lives by saving sight when you shop online this holiday season and all year long. Simply shop at and pick Saving Sight as the charitable organization you want your purchases to support.

AmazonSmile features the same products, prices and Amazon Prime member benefits as with one awesome difference: Amazon donates 0.5% of all eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the nonprofit of your choice through the Amazon Smile Foundation. With AmazonSmile you can get the products you need and support Saving Sight’s charitable programs at no additional cost to you.

Follow these 4 simple steps to get involved with Saving Sight’s mission and support our important work through your online shopping.

  1. Visit
  2. Login with your existing Amazon customer account or create a new account.
  3. Search “Saving Sight” in the “pick your own charitable organization” field and select “Saving Sight”.
  4. Shop and watch contributions to Saving Sight from your purchases grow.

If you have already completed these steps to set up your AmazonSmile account and designate Saving Sight as your charity of choice, thanks for your support! You will not need to set up your account again. Simply log-in and shop Amazon at to direct Amazon Smile Foundation contributions to Saving Sight.

Visit AmazonSmile here to learn more about the AmazonSmile Program.

Top Takeaways from AAO 2019

Top Takeaways from AAO 2019

The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) annual meeting was held in San Francisco this October. This meeting is the world’s largest association of eye physicians and surgeons, bringing together leaders from around the world.

Our Saving Sight Team attends each year to learn about new trends in eye banking and ophthalmology, and to let our partners know innovations we are exploring. Attending also allows us to be a resource to our partners in sharing information to those who couldn’t attend or might have missed part of the meeting. This experience allows us to learn together side-by-side and be a stronger support to our partner surgeons in their work.

In case you missed AAO, or if you want a refresh, here are our top takeaways from the conference and presentations:

  1. Congratulations to Dr. Shahzad Mian on being awarded the R. Townley Paton Award at AAO 2019! This award is the Eye Bank Association of America’s highest honor for corneal physicians and is presented annually to an ophthalmologist in recognition of his/her outstanding contribution to eye banking and EBAA. Dr. Mian presented his R. Townley Paton Lecture entitled, Defining Competency for Cornea Surgeons: Fellowship and Beyond. During the lecture, Dr. Mian highlighted the goals of cornea fellowship in training physicians to provide the best care to patients. As the field of corneal transplantation continues to evolve, so too must training models and continuing education. His passion for education is clear, and our Saving Sight team was privileged to host Dr. Mian in St. Louis at our last DMEK wet lab in 2018. Saving Sight thanks Dr. Mian for his contributions to our DMEK wet lab and to the eye banking industry as a whole.
  2. During AAO, there was continued talk about the use of antifungals in Optisol. The EBAA reported a primary graft failure even with the use of antifungals. Some eye banks are increasing the concentration in hopes of improving efficacy. Many physicians are concerned about the possible toxic exposure to the tissue. This remains a controversial topic and few eye banks are adopting the use of antifungals.
  3. During the Cornea and Eye Banking Forum, an interesting lecture on the Comparison between Preloaded and Non-Preloaded Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty was presented. This was pertinent for our partners who are considering DMEK and preloaded DMEK. The conclusion outlined that preloaded DMEK “showed good efficacy with similar visual outcomes, reduced graft detachment and a significantly lower rebubbling rate, compared with non-preloaded DMEK.” In addition, the study showed preloaded DMEK surgery time was significantly shorter than non-preloaded DMEK, improving efficiencies in the operating room. Another presentation of interest during the Cornea and Eye Banking Forum was DSAEK Failure in Eyes with Pre-Existing Glaucoma. The study looked at risk factors for DSAEK failure in glaucomatous eyes. The conclusion suggests glaucoma is strongly associated with a greater risk of Descemet’s stripping automated endothelial keratoplasty (DSAEK) failure.
  4. Several interesting articles were presented during Cornea Subspecialty Day, as well. Chief among them was EK Alphabet Soup: Which Flavor to Choose. This article by Dr. Marjan Farid provided a great summary on endothelial keratoplasty procedure choices, including DSAEK, DMEK, PDEK, and DWEK/DSO. The conclusion showed that EK is the standard-of-care for endothelial disease. In addition, DMEK provides better visual recovery; DSAEK is of value in complex eyes; and DWEK shows promise in central Fuchs-related cases. Cornea Subspecialty Day also had an interesting talk by Dr. Audrey Talley Rostov on an Update on Medical and Surgical Management of Dry Eye Disease. Dry eye disease affects more than 16 million people. One topic touched upon under pharmacologic management of dry eye is the use of serum tears. As co-founder and processor of Vital Tears autologous serum eye drops, this talk was very informative for Saving Sight to listen to. It allows us to see how Vital Tears and other techniques can be an asset to our physician partners.
Introducing Halo Sterile Tissues

Introducing Halo Sterile Tissues

Kansas City, Mo., September 2019 – Saving Sight is proud to offer Halo sterile tissues as another simple and convenient solution for our clinical partners. Halo sterile tissue allografts are currently used by ophthalmic surgeons worldwide as a glaucoma shunt cover, or for cornea surgeries like Keratoplasty, ALKP, DALK, and Boston Keratoprosthesis. The halo cornea is sterile and, as such, has no viable endothelial cells. In addition to the Halo sterile cornea, Saving Sight also offers Halo sterile sclera and sterile pericadium. Both are best suited for surgical use in glaucoma shunt coverage. This allows Saving Sight to provide another service to both cornea surgeons and those who specialize in glaucoma, in addition to continuing our work in recovering, processing and distributing donor tissue for corneal transplantation.

Benefits of Halo Sterile Tissues

Convenience: Tissues feature patented easy-peel packaging for fast and safe introduction to the surgical field.

Clarity: Halo Sterile Cornea is clear and will remain clear, resulting in simplified post-op assessment and improved patient cosmesis.

Shelf Stable:  Tissues remain at room temperature and never need reconstitution, so physicians can always have it available in their facility.

Sterility: Halo achieves industry standard sterility by using E-beam Sterilization. The reduced processing time limits environmental exposures.

In addition to offering halo sterile tissues, Saving Sight also offers whole scleraPlease contact our Client Services Team if you have any questions. Learn more at 

About Saving Sight

Saving Sight is a nonprofit eye bank with a mission to change lives by saving sight. Founded in 1960, Saving Sight has grown to become one of the nation’s leading eye banks and is focused on providing innovative solutions to its clinical and research partners. Saving Sight welcomes customized research collaborations that meet your research tissue needs and strives to advance the field of corneal transplantation through dynamic collaborations with medical centers and researchers. Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., Saving Sight facilitates eye donation in Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois, serving transplantation and research specialists locally and around the world.