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The Importance of EBAA Accreditation

Established in 1981, the EBAA (Eye Bank Association of America) Accreditation is an important benchmark for excellence in eye banking. This accreditation holds the seal of approval from several reputable federal agencies, including the FDA and CDC, signifying its...

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Celebrate Safely This Fourth of July

As the Fourth of July approaches, many of us eagerly anticipate the vibrant fireworks displays illuminating the night sky. While these dazzling spectacles are a cherished tradition, protecting your eyes from potential dangers is important. According to the U.S....

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Business Development Department Highlight

At Saving Sight, the Business Development Department is responsible for driving growth and creating new business opportunities for the organization. With its focus on both existing and new customers, the department plays a vital role in expanding the organization's...

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Quality Assurance Department Highlight

The Quality Assurance department is designed to prevent, detect, and correct deficiencies that may lead to circumstances that increase the risk of introduction, transmission, or spread of communicable diseases, and is an integral part of Saving Sight and Vital Tears...

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Celebrate Safely This Fourth of July!

While fireworks are a beautiful and time-honored tradition associated with the holiday, it’s important that you take precautions to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Here are some quick facts about fireworks, and some tips to keep your vision safe this year...

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