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Learn more about your opportunity to help share our mission of changing lives by saving sight!

Volunteer and Educational Opportunities

Maybe it’s a child who can read after losing his eyesight in an accident or a grandmother who can see her grandchild clearly for the first time – our spectrum of ocular services changes lives. Our work would not be possible, however, without the support of our dedicated and passionate volunteers and advocates. Together, we change lives by saving sight!

Donor Families & Recipients

The gift of sight has a tremendous effect on the lives of the donor family as well as the recipient of the donated tissue. Saving Sight offers several opportunities and resources for donor families and recipients, including anonymous correspondence.

Learn About Donation

When someone loses his or her eyesight to a corneal disease or eye injury, a donor’s gift can rescue that person from a lifetime of blindness. By pledging to become an eye donor upon your death, you are a hero to the thousands people who will need a cornea transplant this year.

Share Your Story With Us

Has your life been changed by donation or transplantation? Saving Sight would love to hear from you and learn more about your story. Your testimonial is powerful one in helping to encourage others to consider joining the organ and tissue donor registry.