Honoring the Gift of Donation

Saving Sight is committed to working with hospitals across our region to facilitate the gift of eye donation. From supporting each donor family to maximizing every opportunity for donation to occur, together we change lives by saving sight.

Funeral Home Partners

Saving Sight works closely with funeral homes to honor the wishes of eye donors and their families. Many families receive comfort knowing that their loved one was able to provide sight as an eye donor during their time of grief. At Saving Sight, we work with your funeral home to streamline the eye donation process and provide compassion and care to donor families.

Our Hospital Development team is available to answer your questions about the eye donation process and to work collaboratively with you to meet the needs of each donor family.


Becky’s Legacy

  In Memory of Becky H., 1973-2021 "Becky was a strong advocate for those in need, especially children. She loved genealogy, German food, and her family and friends," says Eric. #LegacyGarden #DonorHero  

Melanie’s Legacy As An Eye Donor

"My mom was extremely devoted to her family, especially her mother, two kids and five grandchildren. She had just gotten her first granddaughter after four boys and was so proud. She was extremely giving, to the point she’d go without so others had. She was an AMAZING...

Jeannette’s Legacy

  In Memory of Jeannette Hendricks, 1980-2021 “We called her Nette and she was an awesome chick. Beloved by her family, and respected by peers. Nette was very intelligent and down to earth. She had a wonderful sense of humor and was very creative. She was always...

Jon’s Legacy

  In memory of Jon Earwood, 1994-2020 “Jon was a kind and genuine man. He always had a smile on his face. He loved being outdoors fishing or riding his motorcycle, singing and playing his guitar, and spending time with his family and friends. He loved his job as...

Staff Member Gains New Insight Into the Gift of Donation

“My dad was the biggest dork,” Abby recalls. “He was always the one to make somebody laugh.” Robert was one-of-a-kind, with a dark sense of humor and a passion for culinary arts and cooking. He worked as a professional chef and was his best self in the kitchen. While...

Jean’s Legacy

In Memory of Jean Willis, 1951-2020 “Her heart was big, full of love to give, and open for anyone who needed it💜” - Keyra

Daniel’s Legacy

In Memory of Daniel Lord, 2002-2018 “Daniel was naturally bright, curious and helpful. He truly made the world a colorful place. His caring nature transcends time with the gifts he left behind.” - Rebecca Malone

John Lefferts’ Legacy

In Memory of John Lefferts, 1981-2004 "John was a very generous man, and in his passing, he enhanced the lives of 37 people across the United States, making his family very proud of his legacy." - Larry and Vivian Lefferts, donor parents The photo submitted is of the...

Rick’s Legacy

In Memory of Rick McClellan, 1953-2014 “Although gardening and historic homes were not among Rick’s passions, he did enjoy the native Missouri redbuds, dogwoods and Bridal Veil spirea of spring.” - Theresa McClellan, Rick's wife. You can read Rick's full story on our...

Scot’s Legacy

In Memory of Scot Squires, 1968-2017 “So much to remember about a great dad, son, brother, friend, educator, living kidney donor, & tissue/skin/eye donor. We hold you in the garden of our memories.” - Cheryl, Scot’s sister  ”Scot was a kind and generous son, who...