The Perfect Solution

Experience autologous serum tears made easy with Vital Tears®

Customized and Convenient

Vital Tears are custom made for each patient per physician’s specifications and provided through a convenient production, delivery and billing system. As a business partner and co-founder of Vital Tears, Saving Sight is proud to serve as the processor for all Vital Tears orders.

Online Ordering

Conveniently place orders for your patients online.


Blood Collection

Flexible options include at your office, a partner facility or mobile to your patient’s choice.


Serum Processing

Serum is diluted to your specifications at Saving Sight’s lab.


Vital Tears coordinates payment with your patient.



Vital Tears is delivered directly to your patient.


Autologous Serum Made Easy!

“We’ve been nothing but extremely happy with the product, the ability of Saving Sight and Vital Tears to respond to our changes as we look at new formulations, and we’ve had successes we never could have imagined because of this.”

Shachar Tauber, MD, Mercy Clinic Eye Specialists

Sarah Buckley
Vital Tears Inside Sales Representative

Angela McMahon
Client Services Specialist – Vital Tears

Kyndall Mills
Vital Tears Specialist

Jenna Sleeper
Client Services Manager

Griffin Bortzfield
Client Services Specialist

Nicole Taylor
Client Services Specialist

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