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Saving Sight is a nonprofit organization that changes lives through the gift of sight. We were founded in 1960 as an eye bank in central Missouri, and today, our vision programs serve thousands of people worldwide each year. We strive to be the global partnership model for how eye banking and charitable vision services can most effectively serve people and communities.

KidSight Vision Screening Program

Our Mission

Saving Sight is 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to change lives by saving sight. We were founded in 1960 as an eye bank in central Missouri. Today, we have grown to become one of the nation's leading eye banks, focused on providing outstanding service and convenience for our clinical partners.

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Our Services

Saving Sight provides corneal tissue for transplant to help surgeons restore sight to their patients. In addition to tissue for PK and LK procedures and precut lamellar tissue for DSAEK, DMEK and ALK, we also offer DMEK tissue prepared, preloaded and shipped in a modified Jones tube.

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Request Tissue

We serve physicians in our local area, across the US and around the world in a partnership to restore vision. Saving Sight provides the highest quality corneal tissue, impeccable service, and convenience so you can focus on what matters most: restoring vision to your patients. Contact our Cilent Services team to request tissue today.

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Regaining Sight after 23 Years

Angela smiling in a black dress. For 23 years, Angela was 100 percent blind in her right eye. Thanks to the generous gift of sight from an eye donor and the work of her surgeons, she has regained her sight!

New Findings Show Diabetes in Eye Bank Donors Does Not Impact Corneal Transplant Suitability

Dr. Roy Chuck, Lynn Forest-Smith and Dr. Gabriel Rand at ARVO 2018With the rise in diabetes, discussion over the quality of corneal transplant tissue from diabetic donors in US eye banks is of concern. According to new research presented this week at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology in Honolulu, scientists are one step closer to proving the suitability of the tissue from diabetic donors.

Through the study, a retrospective analysis was conducted to determine if corneas from diabetic donors were more likely to be marked unsuitable for surgical use based upon poor Descemet membrane (DM) or endothelial cell ratings.

Volunteer Spotlight - Kip Palmer & the San Miguel Lions Club

Kip and Marjann Palmer enjoying dinner in San Miguel de Allende.Nearly a decade ago, Kip Palmer and his wife Marjann decided to move from Honolulu, Hawaii to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for retirement. The beautiful city with a population of 115,000 is in the middle of the country at a high elevation of 6,500 feet. It’s such a temperate city with breathtaking views and baroque Spanish architecture that it draws several expats like the Palmers to enjoy retirement. This, coupled with the great need of those locally, causes San Miguel de Allende to be a bustling metropolis filled with art, culture and over 140 nonprofits that help with everything from teaching English, to helping kids attend high school, to medical clinics. As a result, volunteer opportunities abound and it’s home to the largest library of English books in Mexico.