Later this month, Saving Sight will announce its first Lion Ambassador of the Year at the Missouri Lions State Convention. We’ve received seven nominations for Lions doing amazing work in our service area. Nominations were accepted from current MD-26 District Governors, the MD-26 Council Chair, and Saving Sight’s board.

Lion Joann Pruitt, nominated by DG Marilynn Reaves
Lion Joann Pruitt of the Fort Leonard Wood Lions Club is a highly dedicated volunteer for her Lions club and her district. She’s served 1,661 people in 24 service activities, adding up to 110 service hours devoted to changing lives by saving sight. Perhaps the area most impacted by Lion Joann’s work is with our partner organization, KidSight. Lion Joann has screened over 1,000 children with the program, impacting the lives of children and families in her community.

Lion John Berger, nominated by DG Paul Carr
Lion John Berger’s impact resonates deeply throughout Missouri as a Kids Sight Volunteer. His commitment to children’s vision screening began years ago, igniting a mission to ensure no child falls through the cracks due to vision issues. From school screenings to district-wide advocacy, John tirelessly promotes Kids Sight, inspiring teams and volunteers to join the cause. His warmth and patience shine during screenings, easing children into what might be their first eye examination. John’s dedication extends beyond children, as he now extends his efforts to senior citizens at health fairs. His unwavering commitment to ensuring access to vision care for all ages exemplifies true service and compassion.

PDG Lyn Porterfield, nominated by DG Sherl Horton
PDG Lyn Porterfield’s passion for humanitarian service is evident through his instrumental role in establishing and participating in eye missions. His tireless efforts to set up and attend these missions have transformed his dream into reality, providing essential vision care across the state. Lyn’s dedication extends beyond mission logistics; he meticulously cleans and reads hundreds of glasses annually, ensuring resources are maximized to benefit those in need. His unwavering commitment to improving access to vision care embodies the spirit of Lionism. Lyn’s selfless service and enduring contributions to the community have left an indelible mark, earning him profound appreciation and admiration from colleagues and beneficiaries alike.

PDG Devin Struttmann, nominated by the Saving Sight board
PDG Devin Struttmann’s dedication to vision care extends far and wide. As a vital member of the Missouri Lions Eye Mission Foundation, Devin was pivotal in expanding their services beyond the United States to include missions within Missouri. While continuing missions abroad, his focus on local outreach ensures that communities in need receive vital vision care resources. Devin’s involvement with Saving Sight underscores his commitment to serving the less fortunate, evident through his active participation in his local Lions Club, district, and state Lions initiatives. His unwavering dedication to Saving Sight drives his involvement in vision care advocacy.

PCC Brad Baker, nominated by DG Phil Krebs
PCC Brad Baker epitomizes boundless service as CEO of MidSouth Lions Sight and Hearing Services since 1995. Recognized by the Saving Sight board and Missouri Lions, his impact extends worldwide. Covering MO-AR-MS-West TN, Brad ensures access to eye care regardless of financial constraints. Guided by the mission “A Miracle a Day,” he aligns MidSouth Lions’ mission with Saving Sight’s goal of “Changing Lives by Saving Sight.” From organizing Cataract-A-Thons for dozens to facilitating care for individuals worldwide, Brad’s devotion to preserving and enhancing sight shines through. Collaborating with Baptist Memorial Hospital and the Hamilton Eye Institute, his tireless dedication to improving lives through vision care reflects a profound commitment to humanitarian service.

PDG Bill Foglesong, nominated by CC Harold Spire
PDG Bill Foglesong embodies the essence of altruism and dedication in promoting eye health and preventing blindness. His commitment shines brightly through volunteering at Donor Days at Walgreens, where his tireless efforts make a tangible impact on the community. Moreover, PDG Bill’s altruism extends beyond his contributions as he actively involves his wife, Lisa, in this vital cause. Together, they have participated in raising a Leader Dog puppy and have generously volunteered their time and expertise, amplifying the impact of their efforts.

PDG Mark Schaeperkoetter, nominated by DG Ed Bierbower
PDG Mark Schaeperkoetter’s dedication to children’s vision health is evident through his recent screening of 60 third and fourth-grade students at Eldon Lower Elementary. His proactive approach ensures early detection and intervention for potential eye issues, with seven children referred to an optometrist for further evaluation. PDG Mark and Lion Judy’s ongoing commitment to screening young school children across mid and southern Missouri highlights their selfless dedication to community service. Through their efforts, they contribute significantly to the well-being of children, potentially averting severe eye problems in the future. Mark’s passion for ensuring every child receives the care they need underscores his exemplary leadership and humanitarian spirit within the Lions community.