Meet Our Team

Get to know our leadership and team here at Saving Sight.

Board of Directors

PCC Larry Boettcher
District 26 M-4

Lion Al Dohmen
District 26 M-6
Amy Leslie
Community Member
Lion Mike Oldelehr, CPA
District 26 M-7
Lion Pat Martchink
District 26 M-2
CC Bob Noellsch
Multiple District 26
PDG Scott Sattler
District 26 M-1
Hon. Jeff W. Schaeperkoetter
Community Member
PDG Pat Scott
District 26 M-5
DG Michael Sliger
District 26 M-3
VCC Devin Struttmann
Multiple District 26
Marc Vincent
Community Member

Our Leaders in Changing Lives

Tony Bavuso, CEBT
Chief Executive Officer

Sharon Aldape
Client Services Manager

Breahana Bird
Talent Acquisition Specialist 

Griffin Bortzfield
Client Services Supervisor

Courtney Bronson
Hospital Development Manager
St. Louis

Brandon Edwards
Director of Information Technology

Kelly Falwell
Hospital Development Manager

Lynn Forest-Smith, CEBT
Director of Business Development

Sara Gonzalez
Vital Tears Laboratory Manager

Patrick Gore, RN, CEBT
Chief Business Development Officer

Kathy Gray

Patrick Johnson
Director of Quality Improvement & Regulatory Affairs

Annie Kuhl, MA
Chief Communications Officer

Jessica LaDuron
Recovery Technician Supervisor

Tina Livesay, CEBT
Chief Operating Officer

Molly Odorisio
Learning & Development Manager

Darcey Ross
Hospital Development Manager
Kansas City

Jenna Sleeper
Director of Client Services

Amber Soderberg
Donor Services Center Manager

Mallory Thouvenot
Hospital Development Manager
Springfield, MO

Anthony Vizzerra, CEBT
Director of Clinical Services

Rick White
Director of Recovery Services

Marlene Wilkerson, PHR
Chief People Officer

Kevin Wright
Business Development Manager

Philip Zuniga
Facilities Maintenance Manager