Meet Our Team

Get to know our leadership and team here at Saving Sight.

Board of Directors

IPCC Larry Boettcher
District 26 M-4

CC Ron Campbell
District 26 M-4

Dr. Michael Korenfeld
Community Member
Lion Allen Lohsandt
District 26 M-5
Lion Dr. Cassidy Obermark, OD
District 26 M-1
Lion Mike Oldelehr, CPA
District 26 M-7
Lion Pat Martchink
District 26 M-2
PDG Stuart Payne
District 26 M-6
VCC Pat Scott
District 26 M-5
Hon. Jeff W. Schaeperkoetter
Community Member
PDG Roger Tiemann
District 26 M-3

Our Leaders in Changing Lives

Tony Bavuso, CEBT
Chief Executive Officer

Jaclyn Butchek
Hospital Development/Recovery Manager, Springfield, IL

Lynn Forest-Smith, CEBT
Director of Business Development

Patrick Gore, RN, CEBT
Chief Business Development Officer

Kathy Gray
Interim Chief Financial Officer

Kenny Kovacs, MA
Director of Donor Services

Annie Kuhl, MA
Chief Communications Officer

Tina Livesay, CEBT
Chief Operating Officer

Haley Lyne
Hospital Development Manager
Springfield, MO

Ben Robertson
IT Administrator

Darcey Ross
Hospital Development Manager
Kansas City

Jenna Sleeper
Client Services Manager

Amber Soderberg
Donor Services Center Manager

Ben Watts
Director of Recovery Services

Marlene Wilkerson, PHR
Human Resource Director

Kevin Wright
Business Development Manager