Ways to Join Us in Saving Sight




Your Gift Changes Lives by Saving Sight.

A blackboard at the front of the classroom. A daughter walking down the aisle. A sunset in retirement. Imagine not having your sight as you experienced some of life's most important moments. Through a spectrum of services, we help protect and restore sight so children can succeed in school, parents can watch their children grow and older adults can maintain independent lifestyles. This sight-saving work is helped by the generous financial support of those who believe in our mission. You can help rescue thousands from the heartbreak of vision loss. Join our Monthly Giving Program to sustain our work and change lives by saving sight.


Monthly Giver – Norma Bond

Norma Sits at Her Kitchen TableNorma has a personal connection to eye, organ and tissue donation. She’s experienced first-hand the healing that comes from honoring a loved one’s wishes and the joy that comes in receiving the gift of sight. Norma joined the Monthly Giving Program to honor her husband and other donors who helped restore her vision.

Norma began supporting Saving Sight’s work in 2010 and has been a monthly giver ever since. She gives to honor donors and to contribute to research that allows others to receive the gift of sight. “If everybody just donated $10, look what that could do! To me, it isn’t about the amount, but it’s how often. It’s a little bit consistently rather than all at once, which is easier for me,” said Norma.

Monthly Giver - Ila Watts

Ila Watts

Ila knows firsthand the true impact of Saving Sight’s vision programs. Thanks to the generous gift of sight from two eye donors, Ila received corneal transplants in both eyes to restore her impaired vision from the hereditary disease Fuchs’ dystrophy. Ila became a member of the Monthly Giving Program to thank those who helped restore her vision.

“I do it as a thank you because I felt like I should,” said Ila. “Life’s been pretty good to me and it doesn’t hurt to give back once and a while.”

Donating monthly to Saving Sight is a convenient way for Ila to contribute consistently throughout the year. She began donating to Saving Sight shortly after her corneal transplants in 2008 and began contributing monthly in 2010.