Photos of graduating class

Emerging Leaders Graduates – Class of 2023

Just before the holiday season, the third Emerging Leaders class kicked off, with its participants eager to develop a wide variety of skills and knowledge.  The Emerging Leaders Program is a 6-month development program that is intended to help prepare future Saving Sight leaders in the principles of leadership, strategy, and relational impact. During the program, participants will dive deep into topics such as leadership guiding principles, difficult conversations, data analytics, and communications, just to name a few.

This program is meant to develop future leaders, whether they are future leaders at Saving Sight or somewhere else down the road. The growth and development of new leaders are beneficial to everyone involved in Emerging Leaders. By focusing on leadership development, Saving Sight creates a culture that values learning and continuous improvement. Investing in leadership development ensures a pipeline of skilled and capable leaders. This, in turn, contributes to the overall success and sustainability of Saving Sight. Class participants gain new knowledge and skillsets while growing in their leadership abilities. Meanwhile, current leaders can share their experience and knowledge with emerging leaders, facilitating the transfer of institutional wisdom and organizational values. “It’s a rewarding experience, and I really enjoyed it. You’ll find that you’ll get out of it exactly what you put in,” says Mark Wood, a Client Services Specialist at Saving Sight and recent graduate of the Emerging Leaders Program.

While there were quite a few applications to the program, only a few were selected. A selection committee of current leaders at Saving Sight met and decided who would be in the third class of emerging leaders.

Bi-weekly sessions will immerse participants in a wide array of subjects, such as the Guiding Principles of Leadership, Time Management, and Emotional intelligence. Experts from the leadership team present their areas of expertise, sparking in-depth discussions.

The Emerging Leaders Program at Saving Sight stands as a catalyst for developing the leaders of tomorrow. As the third class starts its journey, the program’s focus on leadership principles, strategy, and relational impact provides a comprehensive foundation for future leaders. The commitment to continuous improvement and knowledge transfer between current and emerging leaders fosters a culture of growth within the organization. With bi-weekly sessions immersing participants in diverse subjects and hands-on experiences, the program ensures not only the growth of knowledge but also the practical application of leadership skills.