Kate Higgins from Georgia Eye Bank attended EBAA’s Technician Education
Seminar in February 2015 after winning the Jachin Misko Memorial Scholarship for Technical Advancement in Eye

Almost two years ago, Jachin Misko, Regional Director of Clinical Services, passed away. He was a pivotal leader in establishing Saving Sight’s DSAEK cutting lab and procedures, an achievement that improved Saving Sight’s ability to provide eye tissue for many patients. Jachin was also a leader within the Eye Bank Association of America, serving on the Exam Committee, Continuing Education Committee, Medical Review Subcommittee, and Medical Advisory Board. That is why a scholarship, the Jachin Misko Memorial Scholarship for Technical Advancement in Eye Banking, was created in his memory. Saving Sight partnered with Numedis, a manufacturer of corneal preservation media, to offer up to $2,000 to cover the travel, registration, and lodging costs for an eye bank technician from an EBAA-member eye bank to attend the EBAA Technician Education Seminar (TES) in Tampa, Florida. 

This year’s recipient was Kate Higgins, an employee of Georgia Eye Bank (GEB). “I am very honored to have received the Jachin Misko Memorial Scholarship for the Technician Education Seminar and would like to thank Saving Sight and Numedis for this educational and inspiring opportunity,” said Kate. “I am excited to utilize the new skills and information I learned as a Laboratory Technician at GEB. I am sure that this seminar has made me a better and more knowledgeable eye banker, and I fully recommend the Technical Education Seminar.” To read more about Kate’s experience at the seminar, view the February 2015 issue of Insight, the EBAA’s monthly e-newsletter. 

Tony Bavuso, chief executive officer of Saving Sight, said, “I believe this scholarship is a particularly meaningful way to honor Jachin because it represents the impact he had on all of us and on changing lives by saving sight through eye banking.” The scholarship will be offered to a promising eye bank technician for at least the next three EBAA Technician Education Seminars. 

As the anniversary of Jachin’s passing approaches, the staff of Saving Sight remember him for the outstanding contributions he made as a member of our team. If you would like to contribute to the memorial scholarship to help us honor him by supporting future leaders in eye banking, please visit our Giving page where you can designate your gift to the fund. You can also send a check to our headquarters in Kansas City at 10560 N. Ambassador Dr., Suite 210, Kansas City, MO 64153 with a note stating that your gift is intended to support the Jachin Misko Memorial Scholarship for Technical Advancement in Eye Banking. If you have any questions, please call our accounting department at 1-800-753-2265 or send us a message through our Contact Form.