Connie and Lion Gerry encourage donor designation at the Missouri State Fair.

Saving Sight volunteers teamed up with the Governor’s Organ Donation Advisory Committee and Donate Life Missouri to raise awareness of organ and tissue donation at this year’s Missouri State Fair. Over six days at the State Fair, a total of thirty-eight volunteers talked with potential donors and those already on the registry to promote a supportive culture of the life-saving power of organ donation.

PDG Lion Jene of the Marshall Lions and Lion Gerry of the Forsyth Lions volunteered at the event on behalf of Saving Sight. Past organ recipient Ruthie and Gayle  also represented Saving Sight at the State Fair Donate Life booth.

Approximately 122,000 Americans of all ages are currently awaiting organ transplants in the United States. One organ donor has the ability to save up to 8 lives.

“Organ donation is a selfless gift to help enhance another’s life,” Lion Gerry said. “Volunteering was enriching as I had the opportunity to meet people who had first-hand experience in organ donation. Donor families who came to the booth told of relatives who had become donors and the good feelings they had knowing a precious gift was made so someone else could continue life.”

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