Pre-loaded DSAEK

We offer Pre-loaded DSAEK prepared according to your specifications, saving you time in the OR.


Pre-loaded DSAEK Tissue for Transplant

Saving Sight offers Pre-loaded DSAEK tissue that is prepared according to your specifications, saving you time in the OR.

Prior to the preparation of Pre-loaded DSAEK tissue, a pre-processing OCT image of the tissue is performed to determine the thickness of the cornea. Using the calculated thickness measurement, a microkeratome head is selected to cut the posterior to the preferred thickness requested by the physician. The Moria ACP system is used to maintain constant, set pressure behind the cornea during the cut to ensure a uniform cut. After the cut is performed a post-processing OCT is completed to ensure the cornea has been cut to the preferred size. The tissue is pre-punched to the physician’s request, sizes available are 8.00mm, 8.25mm, and 8.5mm. After the tissue has been punched it is loaded into an EndoGlide Ultrathin tissue carrier and placed in a vial with Optisol for transport.  A specular microscopy and full slit lamp evaluation is also completed post-processing and provided in the paperwork packet sent in the shipment. Orientation mark(s), centration dot, and stromal ‘S’ stamp are available upon request.

 Saving Sight is dedicated to delivering simple and convenient solutions to meet the unique needs of our physician partners. We offer resources, training tissues and wet lab training to help prepare you for new and innovative surgical techniques. We welcome customized collaborations that meet your unique tissue needs. Please contact the Saving Sight Client Services team with questions or to request tissue.


The Benefits of Preloaded DSAEK

Learn some of the benefits of using prepared and pre-loaded tissue from one of Saving Sight’s medical directors, Dr. Joseph Tauber of Tauber Eye Center.

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