FiJaBAM is short for “Fiji and Jasmine Bike Across America.” Jasmine, a former employee who worked with donor families in the Donor Services Center, embarked on a cross-country bicycle trip in mid-April with two goals in mind: 1) cycle 4,000 miles from New York City to Los Angeles, and 2) raise $5,000 for the Missouri Lions Eye Research Foundation. After training for several months, collecting gear, and developing travel plans this past winter and spring, Jasmine hit the road with $100 and her pet dog, Fiji, in tow.

Now mid-July, Jasmine and Fiji have recently passed through Indiana and are poised to reach Missouri soon. What started out as an ambitious journey to improve her health and raise money for the Foundation’s sight-saving programs has gotten some big press. First, Jasmine’s trip was covered by Pet Project Magazine in Missouri and the Cumberland Times-News in Maryland (and the Foundation’s site: see her original article). But then on July 10, USA Today released a story about Jasmine and other cyclists who are undertaking long journeys for great causes this summer. “Running or pedaling through rain and shine,” the article begins, “thousands of people are crossing the USA under their own power this summer in an annual grass-roots ritual that blends personal challenge, wanderlust and volunteerism.” Read the entire article at USA Today. 

The staff of the Foundation finds Jasmine and Fiji to be motivational and hope you will consider supporting their cause as they head out west for the latter part of their trip. You can view the FijaBAM travel website for regular updates from the road, and making a financial contribution is easy. Donations can be given at her GoFundMe site to support her travels, the Foundation, or, better yet, both.