Carl had no idea he could be an eye donor until his hospice nurse shared the facts about eye donation.

One of the biggest misconceptions about eye donation is that you can’t pledge to be a donor if you have cancer, diabetes or other chronic conditions.

However, since the cornea receives its oxygen from the air as opposed to the bloodstream, almost anyone with a noncommunicable condition can give the gift of sight.

For Carl of southwest Missouri, serving others had always been a passion for him. A former taxi and limo driver who retired in 2000, Carl had long helped people get where they needed to go. In 2010, he faced a decision whether or not to help two individuals on their own journeys out of blindness.

During his battle with pancreatic cancer, Carl was enrolled in hospice care where he learned about his options for donation from his nurses. After much soul searching and discussion with his wife, Rosalie, Carl made two decisions – to donate his body for the research of pancreatic cancer treatments and cures and to donate his eyes to Saving Sight.

Because of his decision, Carl, a father of three and an avid fisherman, helped two individuals once again see their families and enjoy their favorite activities with clear vision.

Said Rosalie, “I thought it was pretty neat Carl made the decision to donate. It would be so wonderful if we all made the pledge to do it!”