“It gives me pleasure and comfort that a piece of her is still on this earth,” said Garrett about his mother giving the gift of sight.”

Throughout her life, Janice touched those around her with her sweet and caring nature. “My mother, Janice, was a very sweet and kind woman. She was a single mother who raised me and also enjoyed spending time with her grandson, Alijah as well. My son misses his grandmother every day,” said Garrett. Janice retired from Hallmark in Kansas City after a 35-year career as a secretary. In her retirement, she enjoyed planting flowers, knitting, doing online jigsaw puzzles, traveling and listening to music. Her most treasured moments were those spent with her son and grandson.

With Janice’s caring and giving nature, her family’s decision to say yes to eye, organ and tissue donation upon her passing in November of 2015 was a natural one. “Since my mom was such a caring woman, she would’ve wanted it that way,” said Garrett.

Garrett recently received an anonymous letter through Saving Sight’s correspondence program thanking him for granting consent for his mother to give the gift of sight. Learning his mother’s recipient was also a mother and grandmother who enjoyed many of the same things brings Garrett peace. “This person can now see with my mother’s eyes,” said Garrett. “It gives me pleasure and comfort that a piece of her is still on this earth.”

Because the legacy his mother left in giving the gift of sight has helped comfort Garrett and his family, he encourages others to consider saying yes to eye, organ and tissue donation. “Please consider doing it because even though a loved one is gone, you are still giving another person hope to live a better life,” said Garrett.


You can join the millions of Americans like Janice who gave the gift of sight through eye donation by signing up for the donor registry at registerme.org. And be sure to share your decision with your family and friends. 

If you are a cornea transplant recipient or donor family and would like to share your experience like Garrett has, please send us a note through our Contact page. To learn more about writing your donor family or your loved one’s recipient, please read our Correspondence page or contact Saving Sight at 800-753-2265.