Dorian, an Eye Bank employee, was always dedicated to helping others.

Dorian of Kansas City was known for his big smile and bigger heart. As a recent high school graduate, Dorian was planning on becoming an EMT so that he could help others. “Dorian liked to help people,” said his mother, Wendy. “I think he also liked the thought that the job would be exciting and there would be an adrenaline rush from it.”

Dorian’s passion for assisting those around him was so strong, he even began working alongside Wendy at Saving Sight as a logistics specialist, helping to facilitate the cornea transplant process.

Unfortunately, Dorian’s dreams were cut short in 2008 when he lost his life in a car accident as he was driving a friend to the hospital. Yet, his mission of helping others carries on. After seeing first-hand the impact eye donation has and knowing of Dorian’s caring spirit, Wendy and her family made the difficult decision to donate Dorian’s eyes, bones and tissue.

“We’re a family that cares for others,” said Wendy. “I’ve taught my children to always consider the needs of others and not to be selfish. As far as considering donation, there were limitations as to what we would donate and as long as those limitations were respected, then we didn’t have a problem.” Dorian’s father, Darryl, agreed, “As painful as it was to lose him, I’m glad that Dorian’s gift was able to help others.”

Thanks to the family’s donation, two cornea recipients received the gift of sight, including an infant who was facing a lifetime of corneal blindness. Remarked Wendy, “In my letter to Dorian’s recipient family, I let them know how he loved children and how fitting that a child received one of his corneas.”

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