Join the Team

Saving Sight offers a variety of ways to stay connected and get involved.

Join the Team

Saving Sight offers a variety of ways to stay connected and get involved.



Volunteer Resources and Opportunities

Volunteers bring additional depth and personal experience to our work, oftentimes in a way that staff cannot replicate (such as in the case of donor families and cornea recipients). Whether it’s sharing your story or art, being an online ambassador, or lending a hand at our events, the time and talents you share are a vital part of our mission to change lives by saving sight!

In addition to the Connect through Correspondence Program, Saving Sight offers several other ways to stay connected:

  • Public Speaking — Share your story at one of the many Donate Life, Donor Family, or Hospital Education events Saving Sight Participates in throughout the year. Saving Sight Staff are available for coaching and to help prepare you for your speaking engagement. Many times, these are short 10-15 minute presentations.
  • Event Support — If public speaking is out of your wheelhouse, Saving Sight can always use extra hands at the many events we attend and support throughout the year, including Donor Council Meetings, Candlelight Ceremonies, and 5K Runs.
  • Story Sharing for Print and Media — Share your story or participate in an interview with a Saving Sight staff member. We will publish your story on our website and social media.
  • Social Media Ambassador – Help Saving Sight further our mission from home or wherever you do your tweeting! Saving Sight tries to maintain an active online presence and we can always use some extra likes and shares! You can also participate in our online community via our Donor Family or Cornea Recipient Facebook Groups to share your ideas and connect with others.
  • Featured Artist Submissions — Are you able to continue creating art with your gift of sight? Did your loved one make art prior to their passing? We love art in all forms at Saving Sight and would love to spotlight your submissions and story on the Featured Artist page of our website.
  • And more! — There are always additional ways to get involved, including donor drives, fundraising efforts, and administrative support. We are open to new ways to share our mission! For more information, email

Join the Team

Fill out our Volunteer Application and Waiver to join the Saving Sight Volunteer Team. A printable form can be downloaded here.


Saving Sight participates in a myriad of events throughout the year. Learn more about our events and annual observances and then get involved!

Volunteer Handbook

Download our Volunteer Handbook to learn more about donation, eye banking, Saving Sight, and all the ways to get involved with out mission.

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