Training & Events

The Saving Sight team is here to connect with you to provide expertise and insights in our field.

One-On-One Training & Consultation

Our Saving Sight team is dedicated to understanding your needs and the ever-evolving pace of our industry. We’re here to provide consultative services to you including wet lab events, lectures, and private one-on-one wet lab training. Our expertly trained staff will work with you to share insights from industry conferences, papers, and research to highlight new and innovative approaches. 

Additionally, Saving Sight’s team offers training and consultation for partner physician office staff on the tissue request process from start to finish. We are able to coordinate training events for you and your staff on a variety of topics in the comfort of your own office at a time that works for you. Contact us today to let us help you in providing valuable continuing education for your support staff.

Let Us Help You Get Started!

Contact our team today to set up a time for one-on-one DMEK training. We’ll build a training agenda around your needs in the comfort of your own office.

Industry Conferences

Saving Sight’s team will be at the following conferences this year. We look forward to connecting with you to discuss how our simple and convenient ocular solutions can work for you. 


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