Protocol for Working with Saving Sight

Learn more about how Saving Sight works closely with Medical Examiners and Coroners to meet forensic requirements and fulfill the opportunity for eye donation.

Eye Donor Referrals

All deaths that have occurred in the past 24 hours where the body has been cooled in that time period may be referred to the eye bank. In cases where tissue donation will not occur, you may still call in an eye bank referral.

Help GIVE the gift of sight! 

  • Give Saving Sight’s 24/7 referral line a call: 1-800-331-2636.
  • Initial eligibility is determined during the call and includes cases ages 2-75 where cooling occurred within 12 hours of death; no HIV, Hep B or C or active IVDA.
  • Vitreous will be drawn by our staff and provided to you. We can also take and provide photos, per your request.
  • Expect a follow up on donation outcomes from Saving Sight.

Eye Donation Preparation

When you have a potential donor, please perform SEE as soon as possible

  • Saline drops in each eye.
  • Elevate the head to 30 degrees.
  • Eyelids Do not tape.

Thank you for helping us act on each donor’s wish, allowing us to restore sight to 7 individuals each day.

State Laws on Donation and How They Apply to Coroners

The Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (UAGA) was the first law to govern organ, eye and tissue donation in the United States. It was enacted federally in 1968. Before UAGA each state handled organ donation and it varied greatly throughout the U.S.  All 50 states adopted this law. You can learn more about UAGA from the Association of Organ Procurement Organization (AOPO) at:

Below, you will find information about UAGA as it relates to coroners in Saving Sight’s three state service area:


Meet Our Hospital Development Team

Saving Sight’s hospital development staff work in each of our regions to communicate with local hospitals, medical centers, coroners, medical examiners, funeral directors, and hospices about donation. Set up a professional development session or request badge cards to help your staff facilitate donation by contacting your Saving Sight hospital development contact.

Wichita & Western KS

Kelly Falwell
Wichita, KS

Kansas City & Western MO

Darcey Ross
Kansas City, MO

Southwest Missouri

Rachel Rawlins
Springfield, MO

Eastern MO & Central IL

Courtney Welch
St. Louis, MO