Together, We Change Lives

Saving Sight is committed to working with hospitals across our region to facilitate the gift of eye donation. From supporting each donor family to maximizing every opportunity for donation to occur, together we change lives by saving sight.

Donor Services Centered on You

With more than 10 years of experience, the Donor Services Center (DSC) is focused on providing the quality and care needed to help eye and tissue banks facilitate each donor’s gift.

The DSC works as a direct extension of your team, providing customized screenings specific to your standard operating procedures and goals. Combined with an innovative workflow, leading quality assurance reporting, and staff specializing in either family services or screening and logistics, this client-centered approach allows us to truly stand out in our industry.

Whether we’re giving support to potential donor families or working with your mission partners to coordinate logistics and determine medical suitability for eye or tissue donation, you can be assured your DSC team will handle each case with care and professionalism.

Our Focus on Quality

The Donor Services Center’s emphasis on quality goes beyond expectations. Through years of expertise and first-hand experience with eye and tissue banking, we’ve structured the DSC to operate in a highly efficient, yet caring and responsive way.

Our extensive training guarantees that DSC staff members maintain and expand their skills. Staff members participate in role-playing exercises on a regular basis, and calls are reviewed for quality assurance. Shift leaders review each step in the donation process to provide real-time quality control. In addition, monthly audits on consent and medical/social history interviews are performed for each client.

Because we’re an extension of your staff, our coordinators are trained according to your specific standard operating procedures, and they have access to client-specific information in our databases to guide the donation process. Your eye bank or tissue bank receives your own separate phone lines, and you’ll be provided with a monthly donor dashboard to follow performance data throughout the year.