Sisters Correct Their Vision Thanks to Medical Mission Trip in Honduras

Young woman with the brother of the optometrist who worked at the medical clinic in Honduras in July 2016.Sisters share many things from a young age. A similar upbringing, clothes, inside jokes and laughter often dot the memories siblings have with each other. Sometimes, sisters even share the same poor vision quality. That was the case of two eyeglasses recipients who attended an optical clinic in Honduras last summer.

Medical professionals and members of the Millcreek Community Church from Lenexa, Kan. volunteered at a World Gospel Outreach (WGO) medical clinic in Tegucigalpa, Honduras in July 2016. The 12 volunteers took 2,500 pairs of eyeglasses from Saving Sight’s Eyeglass Recycling Program to help restore the vision of those in the community who otherwise might not have access to corrective lenses.

Young women having her vision screened in Honduras.Two sisters came to the clinic in hopes of correcting their vision. When the optometrist checked their eyes he measured a negative 16 for the older sister. Both had arrived driving motorcycles. He prescribed both with glasses and they each received a pair of the recycled eyeglasses to correct their vision. Now they can see clearly to more safely navigate the roadways in Honduras on their motorcycles.

Agustin, the optometrist for the clinic, told them, “I will now feel safe driving by you if I see you on the road because you can see clearly to drive your motorcycles now.”  


These young women were just two of the more than 700 people who came to the optical clinic during the group’s four days in Tegucigalpa. “We are so grateful that Saving Sight provided the glasses that can help those needs be fulfilled,” said Jackie Doyel, leader of the volunteer group. “Being able to witness firsthand someone seeing for the first time is such an amazing experience.”