Preloaded DMEK Tissue Available Now


Since 1960, Saving Sight has provided corneal tissue for transplant to help surgeons restore the sight of their patients. In addition to tissue for PK and LK procedures and precut lamellar tissue for DSAEK, DMEK and ALK, we are excited to now offer DMEK tissue prepared, preloaded and shipped in a modified Jones tube to give more physicians the opportunity to adopt DMEK for their patients.



“We have a very busy practice, so it's always appealing to be able to do things in a more efficient fashion. Even doing a procedure for the first time with preloaded tissue, I was surprised by how much time it saved.”

– Christopher Ketcherside, M.D.

Read more about Dr. Ketcherside’s first in the Midwest preloaded DMEK surgery

Christopher Ketcherside, MD

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