Monthly Giver – Norma Bond

Norma Sits at Her Kitchen TableNorma has a personal connection to eye, organ and tissue donation. She’s experienced first-hand the healing that comes from honoring a loved one’s wishes and the joy that comes in receiving the gift of sight. Norma joined the Monthly Giving Program to honor her husband and other donors who helped restore her vision.

Norma began supporting Saving Sight’s work in 2010 and has been a monthly giver ever since. She gives to honor donors and to contribute to research that allows others to receive the gift of sight. “If everybody just donated $10, look what that could do! To me, it isn’t about the amount, but it’s how often. It’s a little bit consistently rather than all at once, which is easier for me,” said Norma.

Both Norma and her late husband believed in organ donation, but when he passed away from cancer in 1996, they knew it wouldn’t be an option for him to be an organ donor. When a member of the hospital staff approached Norma that night to ask if she’d be willing to donate his eyes, it brought her relief. She didn’t know eye donation could be an option for him. Norma found comfort even in the sadness of his passing in honoring his wishes and knowing he could contribute to the gift of sight though research.

Then, in 2010, Norma found herself going blind in her left eye and needing a bullous keratoplasty corneal transplant. She received a second transplant in 2012. Because of the generosity of two eye donors, the procedures were successful in restoring Norma’s vision. With improved sight, she’s been able to maintain her independent lifestyle and watch her granddaughter grow into a beautiful young woman. “I was just absolutely astonished because how would I have felt if I hadn’t donated his eyes and then needed this?” Norma recalled. Her transplant reinforced for her the importance of donation and her own decision to donate her body to science when the time comes.

“I’m very, very thankful for the researchers, the people who donated their eyes and Saving Sight who made this possible. I don’t think you really realize how important it is unless it happens to you,” said Norma.

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