Monthly Giver - Ila Watts

Ila Watts

Ila knows firsthand the true impact of Saving Sight’s vision programs. Thanks to the generous gift of sight from two eye donors, Ila received corneal transplants in both eyes to restore her impaired vision from the hereditary disease Fuchs’ dystrophy. Ila became a member of the Monthly Giving Program to thank those who helped restore her vision.

“I do it as a thank you because I felt like I should,” said Ila. “Life’s been pretty good to me and it doesn’t hurt to give back once and a while.”

Donating monthly to Saving Sight is a convenient way for Ila to contribute consistently throughout the year. She began donating to Saving Sight shortly after her corneal transplants in 2008 and began contributing monthly in 2010.

“I don’t have to keep track of what time it is, and I plan for it so my credit card takes care of it,” said Ila. “It’s less bother for me to do it that way. I wouldn’t have to remember to write a check or call and give an amount. I just set out what I want to give over a period of years and do it that way.”

Thanks to her transplants, she was able to regain her independent lifestyle and enjoy her hobbies. “Saving Sight was very instrumental in saving my sight and if it hadn’t been for Dr. Bonham and the surgery he did on my eyes, I would have been blind long before now,” said Ila.

Ila wrote to the families of her eye donors for the same reason she gives monthly to Saving Sight – as a way to say thank you for the sacrifice their families made in her receiving the gift of sight. Ila also participated with Saving Sight to promote eye, organ and tissue donation within her community. In 2009, Ila’s daughter Cindy became an organ donor when she passed away suddenly. Cindy giving the gift of life to others was meaningful to both Ila and their family. “She was always willing to help and would volunteer for things,” said Ila. “She was just that kind of person and I miss her every day.”

Ila is honored to support Saving Sight and share her story, especially if it means helping others in the process. “I have a strong belief that God puts us where we’re supposed to be,” said Ila. “I was fortunate to have the opportunity to have the transplant so I try to give back where I can.”

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