Volunteer Spotlight - Kip Palmer & the San Miguel Lions Club

Kip and Marjann Palmer enjoying dinner in San Miguel de Allende.Nearly a decade ago, Kip Palmer and his wife Marjann decided to move from Honolulu, Hawaii to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for retirement. The beautiful city with a population of 115,000 is in the middle of the country at a high elevation of 6,500 feet. It’s such a temperate city with breathtaking views and baroque Spanish architecture that it draws several expats like the Palmers to enjoy retirement. This, coupled with the great need of those locally, causes San Miguel de Allende to be a bustling metropolis filled with art, culture and over 140 nonprofits that help with everything from teaching English, to helping kids attend high school, to medical clinics. As a result, volunteer opportunities abound and it’s home to the largest library of English books in Mexico.

Concord Eyeglass Ministry 2017 Results – Jefferson City

Santa Maria Acapulco – Victoria Submitted By Larry Merry

During 2017 there were 7 teams consisting of 33 different people who travelled to Mexico to conduct 6 eyeglass clinics and 2 pastors’ conferences. In total 4,000 people attended the clinics and 3,700 eyeglasses were given out. These lives were touched in a physical way with either eyeglasses, medical doctors or dental attention.

But that’s not all because we also partnered with several churches who attended each clinic and shared the good news of the gospel with all who came to the clinic. People were given the opportunity to accept this gospel if they desired and 1,000 people indicated that they did want to. These are the benefits of the ministry that will last throughout all eternity.

A Couple's Love for Trekking Helps Change Lives in Remote Villages in Mustang, Nepal

Sayuj Manandhar and Namrata Chhetri distributed eyeglasses from Saving Sight’s Eyeglass Recycling Program in Mustang, Nepal this November 2017.Submitted by Sayuj Manandhar

Sayuj Manandhar and Namrata Chhetri distributed eyeglasses from Saving Sight’s Eyeglass Recycling Program in Mustang, Nepal this November 2017. Treks for Specs was created by a couple whose love for trekking ignited a passion to trek with meaning. Its intention is experiencing trekking that goes beyond climbing to famous base camps, summiting the highest peaks and photographing astonishing vistas and iconic sites, but rather to touch and improve the lives of as many people as they possibly can along their trekking routes in lesser known villages of the Himalayas. 


Sisters Correct Their Vision Thanks to Medical Mission Trip in Honduras

Young woman with the brother of the optometrist who worked at the medical clinic in Honduras in July 2016.Sisters share many things from a young age. A similar upbringing, clothes, inside jokes and laughter often dot the memories siblings have with each other. Sometimes, sisters even share the same poor vision quality. That was the case of two eyeglasses recipients who attended an optical clinic in Honduras last summer.

Mark and Ginger Thiesen Change Lives in Malawi, Africa

Mark and Ginger Thiesen pose during their trip to Malawi, Africa.Mark and Ginger Thiesen are no strangers to Malawi, Africa and to missionary work. In August 2017, Mark and Ginger partnered with Saving Sight's Eyeglass Recycling Program to help connect underserved people in Malawi with access to corrective lenses. While there this summer, Mark and Ginger worked for two weeks in four different locations to distribute 100 pairs of glasses. 

Concord Eyeglass Ministry Changes Lives Through Recycled Eyeglasses

Group photo of Larry Merry, the Concord Eyeglass Ministry team and local helpers at the clinic in Oaxaca, Mexico on April 21, 2017.The Concord Eyeglass Ministry out of Jefferson City, Missouri serves others and changes lives by saving sight through multiple mission trips to Mexico a year. Saving Sight provides recycled glasses to the team through our Eyeglass Recycling Program to help connect underserved people in these areas with access to corrective lenses. Most recently, the Concord Eyeglass Ministry visited the state of Veracruz, Mexico in April for a three day clinic in a rural village in Oaxaca. Over 400 people came to the clinic in hopes of restoring their vision with glasses.