A Couple's Love for Trekking Helps Change Lives in Remote Villages in Mustang, Nepal

Sayuj Manandhar and Namrata Chhetri distributed eyeglasses from Saving Sight’s Eyeglass Recycling Program in Mustang, Nepal this November 2017.Submitted by Sayuj Manandhar

Sayuj Manandhar and Namrata Chhetri distributed eyeglasses from Saving Sight’s Eyeglass Recycling Program in Mustang, Nepal this November 2017. Treks for Specs was created by a couple whose love for trekking ignited a passion to trek with meaning. Its intention is experiencing trekking that goes beyond climbing to famous base camps, summiting the highest peaks and photographing astonishing vistas and iconic sites, but rather to touch and improve the lives of as many people as they possibly can along their trekking routes in lesser known villages of the Himalayas. 


Meet Som Bahadur Nepali

Som Bahadur Nepali in his glasses received from Saving Sight’s Eyeglass Recycling Program in Mustang, Nepal.Som Bahadur Nepali is a fifty seven year old resident of Mustang. He earns his living repairing shoes, a dying craft which he continues to practice. There is a certain dignity in his job as a cobbler. He has a humble job and makes an honest living by mending shoes in a tiny isolated village in the mountainous region in Mustang, Nepal. During the course of his work, his hands become dirty and his thumbs get numb. His work requires patience, precision and coordination with both his hands and eyes. But over the years his deteriorating eyesight has made his job challenging. He is unable to access eye-care due to lack of hospitals nearby. He could not afford walking for an entire day followed by a plane ride to the nearest city to have his eyes examined, which seem imperative for his livelihood.

When my fiancé and I decided to trek to Mustang, we wanted to give meaning to our treks while we did what we love, so our project Treks for Specs transpired with the support from Saving Sight.

Saving Sight provided us with recycled eyeglasses and sunglasses which help restore and alleviate vision problems to more than hundreds of underserved and underprivileged residents of Mustang, Nepal. Som Bahadur was fitted with corrective eye glasses donated by Saving Sight. His vision restored, Som Bahadur can now continue his work with ease in providing for his family.

Kanchi Ghataney poses in the glasses she received from Saving Sight’s Eyeglass Recycling program in Mustang, Nepal.Meet Kanchi Ghataney 

Kanchi Ghataney is a sixty year old who has been living with disability all her life. She is not only hearing impaired but also struggles with speech disorder and has vision problems.

She works in potato and apple farms for locals in a remote village in Mustang, Nepal. Kanchi also washes dishes, does laundry and cleans in a local tea house to earn a living in addition to being a porter and doing other odd jobs in order to make ends meet. In spite of her challenges, Kanchi’s endearing and vivacious personality seem untarnished as she has grown accustomed to blurred vision. She was elated when she was a recipient for her very first eyeglasses donated by Saving Sight's Eyeglass Recycling Program.


Thanks to so many individuals who donated their eyeglasses to the Eyeglass Recycling Program and to Saving Sight for offering their support by providing the recycled glasses to Treks for Specs for distribution. So many lives have been touched. A multitude of people have been gifted with improved and restored vision by the generosity of Saving Sight and its Eyeglass Recycling Program truly changing lives one pair of glasses at a time!

Pictured are a few of the many grateful recipients in Mustang, Nepal who received glasses thanks to Treks for Specs and their mission to Envision to Improve Vision.


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